How I prepared myself for North South University

5 thoughts on “How I prepared myself for North South University”

  1. If i want to admit in the department of english,,which subjects i need to answer??is math is necessary for the department of english??….🙂🙂

  2. If i want to stdy in Bba .which subject is important nd what will be the question pattern?i m giving xm in fall.nd my situation is kind a u

    1. You can find a sample question here
      If you focus on all subjects and prepare well, you can get Eng102 and Bus112 waived. This will save you 36 thousand takas!

      If you fail on the English and Math part, then they will add these courses. Don’t worry much about the exam. If you have prepared for public university exams, you will get through easily.

      Try going through the Mentors book for IBA. That will be enough.

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