How to Install Free Lets Encrypt SSL in Namecheap Shared Hosting 2021

I have been using the PHP client from Kelunik earlier for Let’s Encrypt SSL till last month. I noticed that the Acme API now has version 2 and version 1 will be deprecated from June 2021. So, I had to upgrade the API version but found it really tough and complicated to make a switch between the APIs. Finally, I deleted the PHP client and switched to a simple SSH one from Sinclair named Became.

The Github repo of Kelunik says that it is compatible with the V2 API of Acme but I thought that I will have to make a fresh install and I could not upgrade. If you’re interested in the PHP client, you can have a look at my old blog post here.

So, log in to your web hosting using shell access and follow the instructions below-

  1. Clone the script into your hosting folder
    git clone
  2. Then go inside the cloned folder. We will run all of our operations there
    cd bacme/
  3. Now, we will run the script and add the necessary variables for it to issue a new certificate
    ./bacme -e {youremail address here} -w {your home directory} {your domain}
  4. Upon successful completion of the certificate generation, you will see something like this

5. Now you can find the certificate and the key files inside /bacme/domainName/ folder

Now, you need to copy the text inside the .crt file and .key file and paste inside the SSL Management System in your cPanel.

And you’re done!

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