6 Times I failed to establish a business

Why am I sharing this?

Well, this is sort of a reference post that I am about to write in future. It will add more weight to what I am saying.

Anyway, It started when I was in school. I used to work for a signboard and banner making shop and learnt to navigate through Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop a little.

1. Advertising Service

I wanted to work as a third party who gets orders from businesses and gets them done from the place I used to work. I designed my own business card saying that I own an advertising company (which I didn’t), printed it and distributed around the place I used to live. I didn’t get a single order! Moreover, someone spread my number to telemarketing shitheads and I still get calls even after 9 years!

2. eLearning Website

At my early days of college, I wanted to open a eLearning website because I was not happy with my teachers. I used to watch tutorials on YouTube and felt that I can make videos in Bangla with the best teachers in the country. So I joined a web development course. During the three month duration, I got so much involved in writing code and felt exciting that I forgot about the eLearning portal and started to dream about becoming a programmer.

3. Freelance Web Developer

Right after finishing the web development course I opened profile at every possible freelancing platform and started looking for work. I did find a couple but my skills were not enough for professional grade work. So I thought of having a pause and increase my skills.

4. Domain Hosting Company

I joined a web development training center to teach people about markup language and how to use a CMS to create a website. It was the time of “24.com” boom and the training center owner wanted to open yet another news portal. When I successfully completed one website, he introduced me with his journalist friends and got 7 new orders for news portals. None of them paid a single penny and also I was not getting my salary on time. So I left the job and also forgot about having a domain hosting company.

5. Bulk T Shirt Printing

I was jobless for 24 days and I thought about what else I can do! I saved 10,000 taka till then and I thought I can buy cheap t-shirts, print some unique designs and sell to the shops. I put a lot of effort this time and travelled to at least 10 different printing companies and RMG factories. Some of them were out of the city and required an entire day to reach and come back! None of them agreed to sell a smaller amount or print smaller amount. Also printing smaller amounts will increase the cost a lot. So I realized 10K BDT is not enough to start a business and I forgot about this as well.

6. Software Company

When I left my job from a software company as a business development manager, I thought I’m old enough to handle a company and can gather some developers and agree to work as partners(in plain words, unpaid developers). Also, seed funding, crowdfunding, startup, angel investors were the buzzwords at that time. So I got the courage to discuss the idea with some of my ex-colleagues and they all agreed. Meanwhile, I got a message from a client that he wants to invest in our company. But the final discussion went from investing in our company to owning our company. During the discussion, we registered the company so that we can legally take partners and sell shares. That cost us a hell lot of money but none of us wanted to do yet another job. So the investment discussion ended and all of us lost motivation making a company from volunteer work.

The developers parted their ways but I tried to keep that dream alive. I hired content writers from my university wanted to keep the blog running to get attention from potential investors. Also, shared the mockups I made from a designer with my own personal fund. That too was a handsome amount for any Bangladeshi. They were preparing to write about project management tips and software reviews but it didn’t last long as they were not progressing that well. I was going through depression as well. The domain ManagX.com is still up and running with no complete content. I keep renewing it and will launch it someday. Because I invested a lot in this and I will keep this dream alive.

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